From market crisis to market boom, from welfare to wealth care, from homelessness to helplessness, and an all-out assault on the global environment-these are just some of the indecencies of contemporary economic life that Profit Pathology takes on. Here, Michael Parenti investigates how class power is a central force in our political life and, yet, is subjected to little critical discernment. He notes how big-moneyed interests shift the rules of the game in their favor while unveiling the long march by reactionaries through the nation's institutions to undo all the gains of social democracy, from the New Deal to the present. Parenti also traces the exploitative economic forces that have operated through much of American history, including the mass displacement and extermination of Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans. Parenti is a master at demonstrating the impact of monomaniacal profit accumulation on social services-especially health care-and human values. Here he takes us one step further, showing how unrestrained capitalism ultimately endangers itself, becoming a "self-devouring beast" that threatens us all. Finally, he calls for a solution based on democratic diversity and public ownership-"because it works."

part |41 pages

Class, Race, and Empire

chapter |8 pages

Thinking about the Great Class Divide

chapter |14 pages

Ethnicity and Exploitation

A Quick History of the Boiling Pot

chapter |17 pages

Empire in Extremis?

Some Urgent Notations

part |37 pages

The Corporate Beast at Home

chapter |12 pages

A Case of Death and Profits

chapter |10 pages

Free Market Medicine

A Personal Account

chapter |13 pages

Free Market Medicine

More True Stories

part |33 pages

Cultural Aberrations and Other Oppressions

chapter |13 pages


85 Billionaires and the Poorer Half

part |35 pages

Global Rule and Ruin

chapter |16 pages

Capitalism, a Self-Devouring Beast

chapter |14 pages

Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet

chapter |3 pages


The Next Trip