Barack Obama's "improbable quest" has become a fact of American life and a benchmark in American history. Striving now toward "a more perfect union," Obama and the nation confront obstacles unforeseen at the outset of the 2008 electoral campaign. John K. Wilson tracks the sweep of this progress from the beginning of Obama's political career through his move into the White House. With his critical journalistic eye and his sympathetic "native son" perspective, Wilson shows us a side of Obama we haven't seen as well as a view of the media we need to understand-even more now as the Obama administration begins to govern. The paperback edition of this popular book includes a new introduction, updates throughout, and two new chapters on the electoral victory and the transition from campaigning into governing. New photos and new insights include a focus on the continued importance of race in American politics.

Introduction to the Paperback Edition Chapter 1: Generation Obama: The Youth Movement for Barack Chapter 2: Are You Experienced? Obama and the Media Chapter 3: Race and the President: Is Obama Black Enough? Chapter 4: The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: The Conservative Attack on Obama Chapter 5: Why Leftists Hate A Liberal: The Far Left Attacks on Obama Chapter 6: "This Is My House, Too": Obama and the Liberal God Chapter 7: From Quest to Reality: Politics and Policy in an Obama Administration Chapter 8: The Victory: Barack Obama's Improbable Triumph Chapter 9: The Obama Administration: Turning Hope into Change Conclusion: Obama's Hopes and Dreams Notes Index About the Author