This book explores the concept of 'cognitive injustice': the failure to recognise the different ways of knowing by which people across the globe run their lives and provide meaning to their existence. Boaventura de Sousa Santos shows why global social justice is not possible without global cognitive justice. Santos argues that Western domination has profoundly marginalised knowledge and wisdom that had been in existence in the global South. She contends that today it is imperative to recover and valorize the epistemological diversity of the world. Epistemologies of the South outlines a new kind of bottom-up cosmopolitanism, in which conviviality, solidarity and life triumph against the logic of market-ridden greed and individualism.

chapter |1 pages

Manifesto for Good Living/

Buen Vivir 1

chapter |15 pages

Minifesto for Intellectual-Activists

chapter |28 pages


Creating a Distance in Relation to Western-centric Political Imagination and Critical Theory

part |69 pages

Centrifugal Modernities and Subaltern Wests: Degrees of Separation

chapter |22 pages

Nuestra America

Postcolonial Identities and Mestizajes

chapter |29 pages

Another Angelus Novus

Beyond the Modern Game of Roots and Options

chapter |17 pages

Is There a Non-Occidentalist West?

part |124 pages

Toward Epistemologies of the South: Against the Waste of Experience

chapter |18 pages

Beyond Abyssal Thinking

From Global Lines to Ecologies of Knowledges

chapter |28 pages

Toward an Epistemology of Blindness

Why the New Forms of “Ceremonial Adequacy” neither Regulate nor Emancipate

chapter |24 pages

A Critique of Lazy Reason

Against the Waste of Experience and Toward the Sociology of Absences and the Sociology of Emergences

chapter |24 pages

Ecologies of Knowledges

chapter |24 pages

Intercultural Translation

Differing and Sharing con Passionalità

chapter |5 pages