Charlotte Dacre’s debut novel Confessions of the Nun of St Omer (1805) was a bestseller in its day, launching the career of a woman who would go on to become one of the nineteenth century’s most notorious female novelists. The work tells the story of the wilful Cazire, who recounts her passionate and destructive youthful adventures from the convent where she now lives in seclusion. Although Dacre’s fame, then and now, rests largely on her sensationalist plots and portrayal of sexually self-possessed female villains, Confessions of the Nun of St. Omer shows a different side to her writing, one that is engaged in the political debate surrounding the French Revolution and eager to uphold the conservative moral line. Indeed, in many ways the novel strives to exemplify the moral and social orthodoxies of its time – dealing with themes of education, passion, seduction and the dangers of the radical ‘new philosophy’. Yet even at this early stage of her career the author’s frank exploration of the power of female desire reveals a willingness to experiment with themes left untouched by more conventional Romantic era novelists, themes that would dominate her writing for years to come.

This edition of Charlotte Dacre’s book is based on the Chawton House Library copy of the text from 1805 and contains textual notes. The book will be of interest to those researching the Gothic, women’s writing and the development of the nineteenth-century novel.

part |60 pages

Confessions of the Nun of St. Omer. 1

chapter |1 pages


chapter Chap. I|4 pages

The Fatal Encounter

chapter Chap. II|2 pages

Juvenile Attachments

chapter Chap. III|2 pages


chapter Chap. IV|3 pages

Clouds Still Gather

chapter Chap. V|3 pages

Dangers Of False Sentiment 22

chapter Chap. VI|3 pages

The Exile

chapter Chap. VII|2 pages

Dangerous Reading

chapter Chap. VIII|3 pages

Sixteen and Three-and-Twenty

chapter Chap. IX|2 pages

Habits Become Principles

chapter Chap. X|2 pages

Melancholy Anticipations

chapter Chap. XI|4 pages

Youthful Enthusiasm

chapter Chap. XII|3 pages

The Philosopher Defeated

chapter Chap. XIII|5 pages

The Confession

chapter Chap. XIV|5 pages

The Sophist

chapter Chap. XV|4 pages

The Sophistry of Passion

chapter Chap. XVI|4 pages

The Triumph

chapter Chap. XVII|5 pages

The Relapse

part |52 pages

Confessions of the Nun of St. Omer.

chapter Chap. I|4 pages

The Pang

chapter Chap. II|4 pages

The Resignation

chapter Chap. III|10 pages

The Son of Pleasure

chapter Chap. IV|5 pages

The Selfish Lover

chapter Chap. V|6 pages

Who Would Be a Suicide? 16

chapter Chap. VI|4 pages

Hope Deferred Maketh the Heart Sick 28

chapter Chap. VII|3 pages

The Despairing Leap

chapter Chap. VIII|6 pages


chapter Chap. IX|8 pages

Sad Experience

part |44 pages

Confessions of the Nun of St. Omer.

chapter Chap. I|3 pages

The Prison

chapter Chap. II|3 pages

Fairy Land

chapter Chap. III|4 pages

The Real Lover

chapter Chap. V|3 pages

The Phœnix Among Men

chapter Chap. VI|5 pages

Perfection and Fallibility

chapter Chap. VIa|4 pages


chapter Chap. VII|4 pages

The Fatal Seducer

chapter Chap. VIII|3 pages


chapter Chap. IX|3 pages


chapter Chap. X|3 pages

The Martyr. – The Suicide

chapter Chap. XI|3 pages

Alone I Mourn