Teaching Introduction to Theatrical Design is a week-by-week guide that helps instructors who are new to teaching design, teaching outside of their fields of expertise, or looking for better ways to integrate and encourage non-designers in the design classroom. This book provides a syllabus to teach foundational theatrical design by illustrating process and application of the principals of design in costumes, sets, lights, and sound.


part |2 pages

Section I Costume Design

chapter 2|29 pages

Week 2

chapter 3|28 pages

Week 3

chapter 4|16 pages

Week 4

chapter 5|10 pages

Week 5

part |2 pages

Section II Scenic Design

chapter 6|27 pages

Week 6

chapter 7|20 pages

Week 7

chapter 8|25 pages

Week 8

chapter 9|15 pages

Week 9

chapter 10|7 pages

Week 10

part |2 pages

Section III Lighting Design

chapter 11|19 pages

Week 11

chapter 12|17 pages

Week 12

chapter 13|19 pages

Week 13

chapter 14|11 pages

Week 14

chapter 15|6 pages

Week 15

part |2 pages

Section IV Sound Design

chapter 17|16 pages

Introduction to Sound Design