Honorius explores the personal life and tumultuous times of one of the last emperors of the Roman West. From his accession to the throne aged ten to his death at thirty-eight, Honorius’ reign was blighted by a myriad of crises: military rebellions, political conspiracies, barbarian invasions, and sectarian controversies. The notorious sack of the city of Rome occurred on Honorius’ watch, and much of the western empire was given over to anarchy and violence.

This book should interest undergraduates, research students, and professional scholars. Given the enduring appeal of the fall of Rome and the collapse of western Roman civilization, the wider public should also find much of interest.

chapter 1|29 pages

Opinion and source

chapter 2|20 pages

The stage is set

chapter 3|20 pages

A child of two courts

chapter 4|14 pages

Young lion of the West

chapter 5|17 pages

Crisis in North Africa

chapter 6|30 pages

Restoration and manipulation

chapter 7|22 pages

Pro patria

chapter 8|24 pages

The emperor and his church

chapter 9|15 pages

A kind of peace