• This book contains essential advice and guidance for those thinking of starting out in the Portable appliance testing industry.
  • A detailed look at the subject of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), this book is the ideal accompaniment for those studying the City & Guild and EAL PAT courses.
  • Theory and assessment covered in one volume, with advice, revision exercises and sample tests to aid exam preparation.
  • Contains all the information required to qualify and begin testing portable appliances.

The Get Qualified series provides clear and concise guidance for people looking to work within the electrical industry. This book clearly explains the options available to those wishing to enter the portable appliance testing industry and supports the reader through the subject in a step-by-step manner. Most importantly, it covers the theory behind portable appliance testing as well as looking in detail at each exam learning outcome. There are also sections on exam preparation, revision exercises and sample questions.

chapter 1|2 pages


chapter 2|6 pages

What is PAT Testing?

chapter 3|2 pages

Who can PAT Test?

chapter 4|5 pages

What are my Training Options?

chapter 5|7 pages

Learning Outcome 1

chapter 6|11 pages

Learning outcome 2

chapter 7|27 pages

Learning Outcome 3

chapter 8|14 pages

Learning Outcome 4

chapter 9|34 pages

Learning Outcome 5

chapter 10|4 pages

Learning Outcome 6

chapter 11|3 pages

Learning Outcome 7

chapter 12|4 pages

Good Exam Practice

chapter 13|13 pages

Sample Exam Questions