This new edition of Practising German Grammar provides you with varied and accessible exercises for developing an in-depth and practical awareness of German as it is spoken and written today.  

Whether used independently or as the ideal companion to the new sixth edition of the widely acclaimed Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage, this fourth edition of Practising German Grammar gives you the right tools to achieve high-level writing competence and comprehension of German.

Using lively, authentic texts from a wide range of original sources and offering a variety of new and updated exercises designed to stimulate and to give confidence, Practising German Grammar will help you to master the complexities of the German language.

Created especially for the new edition, a companion website at www.routledge.com/cw/durrell offers a wide range of exercises and quizzes on all the main areas of German, suitable for self-study and to accompany instructed grammar courses.

chapter |12 pages


chapter |13 pages


chapter |7 pages

Personal pronouns

chapter |6 pages

The articles

chapter |11 pages

Other determiners and pronouns

chapter |10 pages


chapter |5 pages


chapter |2 pages


chapter |4 pages

Modal particles

chapter |8 pages

Verbs: conjugation

chapter |12 pages

The infinitive and the participles

chapter |9 pages

The tenses

chapter |8 pages

The passive

chapter |11 pages

Mood: the imperative and the subjunctive

chapter |9 pages

The modal auxiliaries

chapter |14 pages

Verbs: valency

chapter |5 pages

Conjunctions and subordination

chapter |9 pages


chapter |15 pages

Word order

chapter |8 pages

Word formation

chapter |3 pages

Spelling and punctuation