Getting your qualification is just the start of the safety professional’s journey towards effective workplace practice. World Class Health and Safety doesn’t repeat the whys and whats of health and safety management, instead it is a helpful how-to guide for newly qualified and experienced health and safety professionals to get the best out of their knowledge, experience and the people they work with. This book is filled with practical examples that bring the subject to life, covering the skills and techniques you need to be a leader of safety, overcome inaction and make lasting positive changes to safety performance and culture – enabling more people to go home safe every day. World Class Health and Safety teaches the reader to:

  • work efficiently and effectively with senior managers and budget holders to implement the wider corporate social responsibility agenda
  • emphasize the ‘value-added’ benefits of good health and safety management clearly and simply
  • create effective and engaging training
  • use monitoring and audits to get the best out of the resources available

World Class Health and Safety is essential reading for those wishing to invest in their own professional development, to communicate effectively and to understand and deliver safety in the wider business context, wherever in the world they might be working.

part 1|17 pages

Understanding the climate

chapter 1|7 pages

Clipboard and cagoule

part 2|103 pages

Leadership and management skills for safety professionals

chapter 3|9 pages

Creating a safety strategy and work plan

chapter 4|8 pages

Communicating safety

chapter 5|10 pages

Effective safety training

chapter 7|11 pages

A model for auditing

chapter 8|5 pages

Developing a business case

chapter 9|7 pages

Report writing and presentation skills

chapter 10|6 pages

Managing conflict

chapter 12|6 pages

Managing change

chapter 13|6 pages

Managing projects

chapter 14|9 pages

Using your time efficiently

chapter 15|10 pages


part 3|25 pages

Overcoming inaction

chapter 16|7 pages

Getting smarter

chapter 17|7 pages

The law of diffusion on innovation

chapter 18|8 pages

Transactional analysis

part 4|43 pages

Engagement tools

chapter 19|12 pages

Business leaders and senior managers

chapter 20|13 pages

Middle and junior managers

chapter 21|16 pages

Front-line managers and employees

part 5|13 pages

Keeping going

chapter 22|7 pages

Developing your career in safety

chapter 23|5 pages

Maintaining your drive