In today’s educational climate, advocacy is a critical part of any teacher or leader’s job. Advocacy From A to Z  unpacks the difficult task of understanding the movers and shakers—including teachers, parents, the union, legislatures, and policy makers—that impact your school, affect your students, and shape policy. Organized into 26 chapters—one for each letter of the alphabet— this book provides school-based examples and specific strategies needed to be a successful advocate for education. Advocacy begins at the local level, and the newest book in the A to Z series helps educational leaders navigate, plan, and shape their message to the right people at the right time. Now you can find your voice and become an active advocate to help your students succeed.

chapter A|6 pages

Advocacy: What and Why?

chapter B|6 pages

Building Blocks of Lobbying

chapter C|6 pages

Communication Skills

chapter D|6 pages

Designing an Advocacy Plan

chapter E|4 pages

Engaging Through Technology

chapter F|5 pages

Framing Your Message

chapter G|5 pages

Gaining Support with Limited Resources

chapter H|6 pages

Handling the Media

chapter I|4 pages

Internal and External Stakeholders

chapter J|5 pages

Juggling Information

chapter K|6 pages

Keys to Social Media

chapter L|5 pages

Local Advocacy Is Foundational

chapter M|5 pages

Motivating Those Around You

chapter N|5 pages


chapter O|5 pages

Overcoming Objections

chapter P|5 pages

Public Relations 101

chapter Q|7 pages

Quality Relationships

chapter R|7 pages

Resistance to Change

chapter S|5 pages

Successful Negotiations

chapter T|5 pages

Time, Friend or Foe?

chapter U|5 pages

Up-to-Date on the Issues

chapter V|5 pages

Vision: Personal and Shared

chapter X|5 pages

X Factor: Pitfalls to Avoid

chapter Y|5 pages

Your Turn

chapter Z|5 pages

Zeroing in on the Essentials