This book provides students with a balanced perspective on business in a global environment, exploring implications for multinational companies in developed and emerging markets. This is the first text of its kind to emphasize strategic decision making as the cornerstone of its approach while focusing on emerging markets.

Traditional topics, like foreign exchange markets and global competition, are contrasted with emerging operations, like Chinese market intervention and Islamic finance, to provide students with an understanding of successful business strategy. Readers learn to develop and implement these strategies across cultures, and across economic, legal, and religious institutions, in order to cope with competitive players in the global landscape. Application-based chapters open with reading goals and conclude with case studies and discussion questions to encourage a practical understanding of strategy.

With in-depth analyses and recommended strategies, this edition provides students of international business with the skills they need for success on the global stage. A companion website features an instructor’s manual, test bank, PowerPoint slides, and useful links for instructors as well as practice quizzes, flashcards, and web resources for students.

part 1|60 pages

Introduction to International Business

chapter 1|31 pages

Competing in the Global Marketplace

chapter 2|27 pages

Strategy and the MNC

part 2|116 pages

The Global Context of Multinational Competitive Strategy

chapter 3|27 pages

Global and Regional Economic Integration

An Evolving Competitive Landscape

chapter 4|36 pages

Global Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

chapter 5|28 pages

Foreign Exchange Markets

chapter 6|23 pages

Global Capital Markets

part 3|74 pages

The Institutional and Cultural Context of Multinational Competitive Strategy

part 4|232 pages

Multinational Operational and Functional Strategies

chapter 9|33 pages

Entry Strategies for MNCs

chapter 11|26 pages

Financial Management for MNCs

chapter 12|36 pages

Accounting for Multinational Operations

chapter 13|32 pages

Organizational Structures for MNCs

chapter 14|33 pages

International Human Resource Management

chapter 15|35 pages

E-commerce and the MNC

part 5|32 pages

Ethical Management in the International Context