The new third edition of A Critical Introduction to Sport Psychology is the only textbook in the field that provides a detailed overview of key theories, concepts and findings within the discipline of sport psychology, as well as a critical perspective that examines and challenges these core foundations.

Fully revised and updated, the new edition covers key research findings affecting both participation and performance in sport, including topics such as motivation, anxiety, emotional coping, concentration, mental imagery, expertise and team cohesion. In addition, the book includes a range of helpful features that bring the science to life, including critical thinking exercises, suggestions for student projects and new "In the spotlight" boxes that highlight key advances in theory or practice. A comprehensive glossary is also included, whilst a final chapter examines some new horizons in sport psychology, including embodied cognition and socio-cultural perspectives.

Sport is played with the body but often won in the mind; that is the theory. A Critical Introduction to Sport Psychology is the definitive textbook for anyone wishing to engage critically with this fascinating idea.

part |44 pages


chapter 1|42 pages

Introducing sport psychology

Discipline and profession

part 1|273 pages

Exploring athletic performance

chapter 2|44 pages

Motivation and goal-setting in sport

chapter 3|51 pages

“Psyching up” and calming down

Anxiety in sport

chapter 4|42 pages

Emotions and coping

chapter 5|50 pages

Staying focused in sport

Concentration in sport performers

chapter 6|37 pages

Using imagination in sport

Mental imagery, motor imagery and mental practice in athletes

chapter 7|47 pages

What lies beneath the surface?

Investigating expertise in sport

part 2|38 pages

Team cohesion

chapter 8|36 pages

Exploring team cohesion in sport

A critical perspective

part 3|20 pages

New directions in sport psychology

chapter 9|18 pages

New horizons

Embodied cognition and cultural sport psychology