Written from the perspective of developing countries, this book discusses the development process from a spatial perspective, focussing particularly on the evoltuion of the intra-national space-economy. With emphasis on African nations, this book offers a distinctive interpretation of the current situation and policy prescriptions differing significantly from previous literature in the area.

chapter 1|19 pages


part 1|36 pages


chapter 2|16 pages

Defining development

chapter 3|18 pages

Geographic space and development

part 2|80 pages

Rural Development

chapter 4|23 pages

Collapse of traditional rural structures

chapter 5|24 pages

The nature of rural development

chapter 6|31 pages

Strategy of rural development

part 3|26 pages

Urban Development

chapter 7|24 pages

Emergent urbanization

chapter 8|24 pages

Urban crisis of underdevelopment

chapter 9|22 pages

Urban system and national development

part 4|125 pages

National Integration

chapter 10|27 pages

Integrating the national population

chapter 11|26 pages

Information flows

chapter 12|28 pages

Movements of goods and services

chapter 13|29 pages

External relations

chapter 14|13 pages