This Study Guide provides a variety of thought-provoking questions and activities to help you implement the concepts in the bestselling book, Dealing with Difficult Parents, 2nd Edition. For each chapter of the book, the Study Guide offers discussion questions, journal prompts, and group activities. You can work on these sections independently, in book studies, in professional learning communities (PLCs), in mentor sessions, and in professional development sessions.

As you work through this Study Guide, you’ll learn how to make the book’s strategies work for you, so that you can more effectively deal with parents in all kinds of challenging situations and help them get on your side to ensure students’ success.

part |10 pages

Today's Parents

chapter |5 pages

Dealing with Difficult Parents

An Overview

chapter |5 pages

Who Are These Guys?

Describing Today's Parents

part |13 pages

Communicating with Parents

chapter |4 pages

Building Credibility

Everyone Wants to Associate with a Winner

chapter |5 pages

Positive Communication with Parents

An Ounce of Prevention

part |15 pages

Soothing the Savage Beast

part |14 pages

Dealing with Parents in Difficult Situations

chapter |5 pages

Delivering Bad News

chapter |4 pages

But I Did Get a Good Deal

Examining the Car Salesperson

part |11 pages

Increasing Parent Involvement