A Complete Guide to the Spanish Subjunctive is the most complete reference guide to the use of the subjunctive in Spanish. Along with an exhaustive review of published literature on the subjunctive, the book also includes a thorough discussion of the uses and meanings of the subjunctive as well as examples throughout drawn from linguistic corpora such as the CREA database.

The book presents a comprehensive theory of the subjunctive and provides practical rules for understanding, teaching and acquiring the Spanish subjunctive.

This book includes:

"Your Turn" sections that invite readers to reflect on the content discussed and on their own experiences in teaching the subjunctive

A "Synopsis" section that summarizes the content of the work and offers practical suggestions for teaching the subjunctive

Two indexes providing a summary of verb conjugation in the subjunctive and an alphabetical list of expressions used with the subjunctive.


chapter 1|2 pages

Purpose and scope of this book

chapter 3|3 pages

Overview of the subjunctive literature

chapter 4|2 pages

The subjunctive

An expression of modality

chapter 5|1 pages

The subjunctive

The morphosyntactic manifestation of mood

chapter 8|6 pages

The sequence of tenses of the subjunctive

chapter 12|7 pages