Visually enriched with over 250 photographs and drawings, Bioclimatic Double-Skin Façades is an essential reference guide for understanding the types and functions of double-skin façades. Author Mary Ben Bonham examines the history and continuing potential of double-skin architecture, informing on the variety of approaches possible and advising a rigorous integrated design process leading to application. Featuring a wide selection of architectural examples, the book will be of interest to professionals and students within the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction.

Characterized by a buffer-like air space between two glazed building skins, double-skin windows and façades aim to improve building comfort and energy performance. Double skins introduce complexity and initial costs, yet significant buildings in locations around the globe continue to select this approach. In addition to exploring motivations, benefits, and cautions for designing with double skins, the book provides a primer on fundamental façade design concepts and strategies for control of thermal, luminous, and acoustic environments. Chapters also address alternative types of high-performance façades and implications for each phase of façade design and construction.

Bioclimatic Double-Skin Façades promotes bioclimatic design that is inspired by nature, measured in performance, and uniquely adapted to climate and place. In-depth case studies illustrate how double-skin façades have been adapted to a range of climates and cultural settings: Marseille Library and Grenoble Courthouse in France, Cambridge Public Library in Massachusetts, Manitoba Hydro Place in Canada, and the Pearl River Tower in China.

chapter Chpater 1|13 pages

A Bioclimatic View of Architecture

chapter Chpater 2|25 pages

Double-Skin Façade Concepts and Strategies

chapter Chpater 3|35 pages

Double-Skin Façade Classifications

chapter Chpater 4|21 pages

Double-Skin Façade History, Part I


chapter Chpater 5|24 pages

Double-Skin Façade History, Part II


chapter Chpater 6|26 pages

Double-Skin Façades

Motivations and Alternatives

chapter Chpater 7|27 pages

Double-Skin Façade Performance in Practice

chapter Chpater 8|157 pages

Double-Skin Façade Case Studies

section Chapter 8.1|30 pages

Marseille Library | BMVR de Marseille

section Chpater 8.2|27 pages

Grenoble Courthouse

section Chpater 8.3|29 pages

Cambridge Public Library

section Chapter 8.4|30 pages

Manitoba Hydro Place

section Chapter 8.5|33 pages

Pearl River Tower | 珠江城大厦