Intended for use in courses on political philosophy or the history of political philosophy, On the History of Political Philosophy provides a critical account of Western political philosophy from classical Greece to modern times.  Demonstrating the continued relevance of historical ideas to today's problems, the author traces ongoing discussions about justice, power, and human nature by examining the ideas of key political theorists.

chapter |15 pages

Thucydides: War and the Polis

chapter |18 pages

Plato: Who Should Rule?

chapter |21 pages

Aristotle: The Best Constitution

chapter |20 pages

Cicero: The Idea of the Republic

chapter |16 pages

St. Augustine: The City of God

chapter |25 pages

Machiavelli: How To Rule?

chapter |18 pages

Grotius: International Society

chapter |26 pages

Hobbes: The Beginning of Modernity

chapter |31 pages

Locke: Liberty and Property

chapter |8 pages

Epilogue: The Classics and the Moderns