Offers a sociological perspective of gender that can be applied to our lives. Focusing on the most recent research and theory–both in the U.S. and globally–Gender Roles, 6e provides an in-depth, survey and analysis of modern gender roles and issues from a sociological perspective. The text integrates insights and research from other disciplines such as biology, psychology, anthropology, and history to help build more robust theories of gender roles.

chapter 6|47 pages

Global Perspectives on Gender

chapter 8|36 pages

Gender and Family Relations

chapter 9|36 pages

Men and Masculinity

chapter 10|36 pages

Gender, Work, and the Workplace

chapter 11|34 pages

Education and Gender Role Change

chapter 12|28 pages

Religion and Patriarchy

chapter 13|33 pages


chapter 14|39 pages

Power, Politics, and the Law