Sensation and Perception, Fifth Edition maintains the standard of clarity and coverage set in earlier editions, which make the technical scientific information accessible to a wide range of students. The authors have received national awards for their teaching and are fully responsible for the content and organization of the text. As a result, it features strong pedagogy, abundant student-friendly examples, and an engaging conversational style.

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|28 pages

Research Methods

chapter 3|39 pages

The Visual System

chapter 4|33 pages

Basic Visual Functions

chapter 5|34 pages

Visual Pattern Perception

chapter 6|40 pages

Distance and Size Perception

chapter 7|29 pages


chapter 8|22 pages


chapter 9|27 pages

The Auditory System

chapter 10|29 pages

Basic Audiotory Functions

chapter 11|30 pages

Auditory Pattern Perception

chapter 12|27 pages

The Skin Senses

chapter 13|23 pages

The Chemical Senses

Taste and Smell

chapter 14|21 pages

Perceptual Development