This new edition of Globalizing Human Resource Management examines the strategic and global issues of HRM by showing how organizations address the tradeoffs between global integration and local responsiveness. Sparrow, Brewster, and Chung discuss varying methods of globalized talent management and employer branding and conclude with a multi-dimensional approach to HRM.

The second edition includes:

  • Updated analyses of talent management, employer branding, and outsourcing of HRM
  • Broader geographic focus, including a new focus on Asian firms and other emerging markets
  • Exploration of the impact of strategic management thinking on HR as well as the latest research in other areas, such as operations, marketing, and economic geography

Complementing traditional international HRM texts, this is an ideal book for any student interested in the actual strategic logics being pursued by the HR function today.

part |86 pages

Globalization and international HRM theory

part |62 pages

Strategic objectives

part |147 pages

Global integration mechanisms

chapter |39 pages

Global talent management

chapter |27 pages

Managing the international labour force

chapter |26 pages

Employer branding

chapter |21 pages

The location of business and HRM

By whom? where? and how?

chapter |17 pages

The e-enablement of HRM in MNEs