The definitive history of photography book, Seizing the Light: A Social & Aesthetic History of Photography delivers the fascinating story of how photography as an art form came into being, and its continued development, maturity, and transformation.

Covering the major events, practitioners, works, and social effects of photographic practice, Robert Hirsch provides a concise and discerning chronological account of Western photography. This fundamental starting place shows the diversity of makers, inventors, issues, and applications, exploring the artistic, critical, and social aspects of the creative process. The third edition includes up-to-date information about contemporary photographers like Cindy Sherman and Yang Yongliang, and comprehensive coverage of the digital revolution, including the rise of mobile photography, the citizen as journalist, and the role of social media.

Highly illustrated with full-color images and contributions from hundreds of artists around the world, Seizing the Light serves as a gateway to the history of photography. Written in an accessible style, it is perfect for students newly engaging with the practice of photography and for experienced photographers wanting to contextualize their own work.

chapter 2|24 pages

~ The Daguerreotype: Image and Object

chapter 4|28 pages

~ Pictures on Glass: The Wet Plate Process

chapter 6|20 pages

~ A New Medium of Communication

chapter 8|26 pages

~ New Ways of Visualizing Time and Space

chapter 10|28 pages

~ Modernism's Innovations

chapter 11|30 pages

~ The New Culture of Light

chapter 12|36 pages

~ Social Documents

chapter 13|20 pages

~ Catching Time

chapter 14|38 pages

~ From Halftones to Bytes

chapter 15|32 pages

~ The Atomic Age

chapter 16|34 pages

~ New Frontiers: Expanding Boundaries

chapter 17|44 pages

~ Changing Realities

chapter 18|38 pages

~ Thinking About Photography

chapter 19|28 pages

~ The Politics of Representation

chapter 20|27 pages

~ Photography Becomes Digital Imaging