Your Supervised Practicum and Internship is a complete, up-to-date guide to everything a graduate student in the helping professions needs for a successful practicum, internship, or field experience. This helpful resource takes students through the necessary fundamentals of field experience, helping them understand the supervision process and their place in it. The authors fully prepare students for more advanced or challenging scenarios they are likely to face as helping professionals. The new edition also interweaves both CACREP and NASW standards, incorporates changes brought by the DSM-5, and places special focus on brain-based treatments and neurocounseling. Your Supervised Practicum and Internship takes the practical and holistic approach that students need to understand what really goes on in agencies and schools, providing evidence-based advice and solutions for the many challenges the field experience presents.

part I|149 pages

Getting Started

chapter 1|29 pages

Turning Theory into Practice

Abilities Needed to Grow

chapter 2|35 pages

Reviewing and Analyzing Cases

Microcounseling Supervision

chapter 3|40 pages

Becoming Effective as a Supervisee

The Influence of Placement Setting

chapter 4|19 pages

Continuing Self-Improvement

Major Supervision Model Categories

chapter 5|24 pages

Conceptualizing the Client

Diagnosis and Related Issues

part II|120 pages

Knowledge Needed to Grow

chapter 6|40 pages

Becoming a Culturally Competent Helping Professional

Appreciation of Diversity in Action

chapter 7|18 pages

Working With Ethics, Laws, and Professionalism

Best Practice Standards

chapter 8|18 pages

Counseling Research Outcomes

Discovering What Works

chapter 9|26 pages

Staying Well

Guidelines for Responsible Living

chapter 10|16 pages

Becoming a Prefessional Helper

Advocacy for Clients, Self, and the Profession