Aiming to make Early Years management ideas easy to grasp, this series breaks down the jargon and provides accessible practical advice.

As the role of a manager in Early Years becomes ever more complex and demanding, leaders must try to adapt and respond to the different pressures that constantly bombard them. Managing People and Teams in the Early Years Sector: An activity-based book helps managers and aspiring managers to explore a range of ideas and approaches to aid continued development in management skills and leadership and combat those pressures.

Chris Ashman and Sue Stoodly challenge readers to develop their own views whilst learning about management theory and practice alongside the 2015 Ofsted Common Inspection and Leadership & Management frameworks. Combining clear explanations of management and leadership theories with practical guidance on every aspect of managing people from support and appraisal to safer recruitment and induction, the book features:

  • Scenarios for reflective practice
  • Activities to stimulate thinking and help you apply the ideas to your own experience
  • Figures and diagrams to exemplify key points,
  • ‘Management Health Warnings’ to highlight key messages

This fully updated second edition is essential reading for those new to management or looking to develop their career into a managerial role and students working towards level 3 qualifications or a Foundation Degree.

chapter |10 pages


Making a difference

chapter |24 pages

The rhyme and reason

chapter |31 pages


chapter |21 pages


chapter |25 pages

Avoiding losers and weepers