This book shows how the dynamic interplay of a powerful "golden triangle" of sports, media, and business interests with social, cultural, economic, and political forces shapes sport in a changing world. This edition is a condensed and updated version of the first edition, with an emphasis on current social issues in sport. It also has more global content. The golden triangle concept is more developed and applied more extensively. Other key themes of the first edition—power, status, and inequality—are also more developed. New "Stop and Think Questions" have been added to challenge students to think about the meaning of what they have read. The book is now divided into five sections. The new sections highlight sociology and the sociology of sport; inequality and diversity; globalization and social deviance; major social contexts of sport, including the high school, college, and professional levels; and power, political economy, and global sports.

part |2 pages

Part I Sociology and the Sociology of Sport

part |2 pages

Part II Social Organization of Sport

part |2 pages

Part III Building, Spreading, and Disrupting Sport in the Golden Triangle

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Part IV Social Contexts of Sport

chapter 6|32 pages

Youth and High School Sports

chapter 7|34 pages

College Athletics

chapter 8|38 pages

Professional Sports

part |2 pages

Part V Power, Political Economy, and Global Sports