This book, originally published in 1961, examines the wars from the age of absolute rulers, and the destructive impact of revolutionary and democratic government on this state of affairs. It discusses the relation between war and policy, and takes into account how the character of war in the first half of the twentieth century affected international diplomacy.

chapter |11 pages

The Limited Wars of the Absolute Kings

chapter |16 pages

The Rebirth of Unlimited War

chapter |17 pages

Napoleonic Warfare

chapter |18 pages

The Theories of Clausewitz

chapter |18 pages

The American Civil War 1861–1865

chapter |18 pages

Moltke, Foch, and Bloch

chapter |20 pages

The Roots of Armageddon

chapter |32 pages

The Conduct of World War I

chapter |19 pages

Lenin and the Russian Revolution

chapter |15 pages

Soviet Revolutionary Warfare

chapter |31 pages

The Twenty Years Armistice

chapter |62 pages

The Conduct of World War II

chapter |24 pages

The Problem of Peace