This brand new edition of Accessing the Curriculum for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders will provide educators with the principles and practices of Structured Teaching and how to apply these to enable learners to access the curriculum, whatever that curriculum may be.

This unique resource is intended to be essential reading for schools and settings who are keen to implement Structured Teaching as an approach to including learners on the autism spectrum in teaching and learning. With a wide range of helpful advice and support, this book:

  • demonstrates how to make use of the approach to address diverse needs, overcome barriers to learning and achieve successful differentiation;
  • uses case studies and examples that illustrate how the approach is applicable across Early years, Primary, Secondary and vocational curricula;
  • provides the physical structure, schedules, work systems and visual information necessary to illustrate use of these components to promote curriculum access, with an emphasis on understanding and meaning.

This new edition is fully updated to include examples of new technologies and is suitable for use in a range of international educational contexts. It also includes a brand new chapter on blending Structured Teaching.

chapter |4 pages

Overview of the autism spectrum

chapter |16 pages

Physical structure

Making sense out of the classroom

chapter |25 pages

Visual schedules

What's going on?

chapter |22 pages

Work systems

Getting organised

chapter |37 pages

Visual information

Adding meaning

chapter |6 pages

Tying it all together