Higher education is in a current state of flux and uncertainty, with profound changes being shaped largely by the imperatives of global neoliberalism. Changing Pedagogical Spaces in Higher Education forms a unique addition to the literature and includes significant practical pointers in developing pedagogical strategies, interventions and practices that seek to address the complexities of identity formations, difference, inequality and misrecognition.

Drawing on research studies based across California, England, Italy, Portugal and Spain, this book analyses complex pedagogical re/formations across competing discourses of gender, diversity, equity, global neoliberalism and transformation, and aims:

  • to critique and reconceptualise widening participation practices in higher education

  • to consider the complex intersections between difference, equity, global neoliberalism and transformation

  • to analyse the intersections of identity formations, social inequalities and pedagogical practices

  • to contribute to broader widening participation policy agendas

  • to develop an analysis of gendered experiences, intersected by race and class, of higher education practices and relations.

Changing Pedagogical Spaces in Higher Education will speak to those concerned with how theory relates to everyday practices and development of teaching in higher education and those who are interested in theorising about pedagogies, identities and inequalities in higher education. Engaging readers in a dialogue of the relationship between theory and practice, this thought-provoking and challenging text will be of particular interest to researchers, academic developers and policy-makers in the field of higher education studies.