Producer’s Playbook: Real People on Camera is a no-nonsense guide for producers looking to get the best performances from "real people" to tell powerful stories on video. Director/producer Amy DeLouise brings years of experience to this resource for creating the best on-screen impact with non-actors for interviews, re-enactments, documentary and direct-to-camera messages. With useful case studies and tips on everything from managing locations and budgeting to strategies for managing crews and the expectations of executive producers and clients, this is an invaluable resource for professionals working in reality TV, documentary, corporate video, and more.

    • Ample case studies with perspectives from industry professionals interviewed by the author, as well as her own plentiful stories from the field
    • Tips are featured in sidebars throughout the text, so that readers can see how the information applies to real situations
    • Full-color photographs allow readers to visualize real world production situations
    • The appendix includes useful templates and checklists for working producers

chapter |3 pages


chapter |18 pages


chapter |14 pages

Planning Your Story

chapter |6 pages

Working with Crew

chapter |13 pages

Direct-to-Camera Delivery

chapter |11 pages

Shooting Re-Enactments

chapter |13 pages

Beyond the Soundbite

The Dance of the Interview

chapter |15 pages

Editing Workflow Strategies

chapter |2 pages

Wrapping Up