Strategic Sustainability examines how organizations can implement environmental sustainability science, theories, and ways of thinking to become more competitive. Including examples and ideas implemented in various countries, it is based on known scientific principles about the natural world and organizational principles focusing on the work domain. The intersection of these two realms of research creates a powerful and new approach to comprehensive, seemingly contradictory issues.

Daniel S. Fogel draws from disparate fields and creates a story about organizations, their future and how people are part of the problem and, more importantly, part of the solution. Readers will find ways to take action to improve organizations and avoid denigrating our natural environment, learning to be mindful of the urgency we should feel to improve our impact on the world. The focus on the natural environment provides a powerful focus for creating value in organizations and addressing the major challenges we all face.

Advanced sustainability students, working professionals and board members, managers and legislators responsible for governing organizations or implementing public policy will find this book useful. A companion website features an instructor’s manual with test questions, as well as 38, 10-minute videos for classroom use.

part 1|84 pages

Pressures on the Firm

chapter 1|28 pages

The Environment and Natural Capital

chapter 2|25 pages

Social Pressures on Organizations

part 2|94 pages

Strategy Formulation

part 3|110 pages

Support for Strategy

chapter 10|20 pages

High-Performance Operations

chapter 11|30 pages

Keeping Focus

part 4|31 pages

Unique Situations