This second edition provides managers and students the nuts and bolts of assessment processes and selection techniques. With this knowledge, managers learn to make informed personnel decisions based on the results of tests and assessments. The book emphasizes that employee performance predictions require well-formed hypotheses about personal characteristics that may be related to valued behavior at work. It also stresses the need for developing a theory of the attribute one hypothesizes as a predictor—a thought process too often missing from work on selection procedures. Topics such as team-member selection, situational judgment tests, nontraditional tests, individual assessment, and testing for diversity are explored. The book covers both basic and advanced concepts in personnel selection in a straightforward, readable style intended to be used in both undergraduate and graduate courses in Personnel Selection and Assessment.

part Part I|93 pages

Deciding What to Assess

chapter |13 pages

Understanding Personnel Assessment

Assumptions of This Book, Validation and Its Limits, and Theory and Practice

chapter |28 pages

Analyzing Organizations and Jobs

Organizational Analysis, Job Analysis, and Competency Modeling

chapter |23 pages

Developing Predictive Hypotheses

Conceptual and Operational Definitions, Criteria, and Predictors

chapter |27 pages

Knowing what's Legal (And what's not) 1

Title VII, Uniform Guidelines, Affirmative Action, and Negligent Hiring

part Part II|97 pages

Knowing How to Assess

chapter |27 pages

Minimizing Error in Measurement

Measurement Theory, Reliability, and Validity

chapter |16 pages

Predicting Future Performance

Criterion-Related Validation, Regression and Correlation, and Significance Testing

chapter |16 pages

Using Multivariate Statistics

Multiple Regression, Cutoff and Multiple Cutoff Models, and Validity Generalization

chapter |16 pages

Making Judgments and Decisions

Intuitive Prediction, Judgment Aids, and Utility Analysis

chapter |20 pages

Analyzing Bias and Ensuring Fairness

Unfair Discrimination, Item and Test Bias, and Reducing Adverse Impact

part Part III|85 pages

Choosing the Right Method

chapter |15 pages

Assessing via Traditional Tests

Traditional Employment Tests, Work Samples, Situational Judgment Tests, Technology, and Global Testing

chapter |26 pages

Assessing via Inventories and Interviews

Self-Report Personality and Other Inventories, Biodata, and Unstructured and Structured Interviews

chapter |22 pages

Assessing via Ratings

Rating Formats, Research on Rating, and Errors and Rater Bias

chapter |20 pages

Individual and Group Assessment

Complex Candidate Judgments, Individual Assessment, and Assessment Centers