Ian Wilkie contends that comic acting is a distinct art form, and as such demands a unique skillset. By exploring the ways in which performance choices and improvised moments can work in conjunction with texts themselves, Performing in Comedy offers an indispensable practical tool for enhancing comic performance.

This volume is a must-read for any actors, directors or students who work with comic texts. Wilkie synthesises theories and principles of comedy with practical tips, and re-evaluates the ways in which these ideas can be used by the performer.

Most importantly, these skills – timing, focus, awareness – are teachable rather than being innate talents. Exercises, interviews and guides to further resources enhance this comprehensive exploration of comic acting.

chapter |21 pages

Overview of comic performance

chapter |25 pages

Interplay and the audience

chapter |28 pages

Expertise, truth and ensemble interplay

chapter |32 pages

Rhythm and timing

chapter |35 pages

Working with text

chapter |26 pages

Comic performance in television and film

chapter |25 pages

Advice from practitioners

chapter |9 pages

The happy ending