The latest book from best-selling author Victoria L. Bernhardt is an easy-to-read primer that describes what it takes to achieve student learning growth at every grade level, in every subject area, and with every student group. In this new edition, readers will learn how to use data to inform their continuous school improvement as they develop an appreciation of the various types of data, uses for data, and how data are involved in the process. This accessible, updated edition provides a wealth of straightforward and accessible strategies that will allow educators to become comfortable with the many uses of data in increasing student improvement.

Data, Data Everywhere, 2nd edition, provides a framework and summary of the continuous school improvement framework. It is a perfect resource for teachers, administrators, support staff, and students of leadership to guide comprehensive school improvement that will make a difference for all students.

chapter |6 pages


chapter |12 pages

Who We Are

Demographic Data

chapter |8 pages

How We Do Business

Perceptions Data

chapter |6 pages

How Our Students Are Doing

Student Learning Data

chapter |6 pages

What Our Processes Are

School Processes Data

chapter |7 pages

How We Got to Where We Are

Looking Across All of the Data

chapter |11 pages

What is Working and What is Not Working

Delving Deeper into the Data

chapter |10 pages

Where We Want to Go

Creating a Shared Vision

chapter |8 pages

How We Can Get to Where We Want to Be

Implementing the Shared Vision

chapter |8 pages

Strategies for Teachers

Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning

chapter |9 pages

Are We Making a Difference?

Evaluating Our Efforts and Moving Toward Becoming a Learning Organization