Written to assist those seeking to understand the key global drivers, and an overview of key challenges facing senior leaders and managers today, this book focuses on the complex and highly politicised area of teaching and learning in higher education. Providing tried and tested tips and techniques for addressing the ‘why, what and how’ of leadership and management theory and practice, it is firmly grounded in the context of the teaching and learning arena. A Handbook for Leaders in Higher Education: Transforming teaching and learning can be dipped into to provide knowledge and understanding of theory, best practice examples, case study exemplars and reflective practice activity.

It is structured in four main parts:

  • A view from the top
  • The leadership and management perspective
  • Engendering a change culture
  • Looking to the future.

This handbook is informed by senior leaders and experts with expertise in delivering excellent practice in teaching and learning at international, national and institutional levels.

Responding to the need of universities to take the lead in changing cultures and working practices, this book is an essential and forward-looking text for both scholars and practitioners in the senior teams of higher education institutions.

chapter |7 pages


part 1|57 pages

A view from the top

chapter 1|12 pages

Drivers and change

chapter 2|15 pages

Government and sector-led initiatives

chapter 3|13 pages

Governance and leadership

chapter 4|15 pages

Academic leadership

part 2|43 pages

The leadership and management perspective

chapter 6|15 pages

Building and developing effective teams

chapter 7|12 pages

Managing performance

part 3|33 pages

Engendering a change culture

chapter 8|14 pages

Leading change

chapter 9|17 pages

Leading transitions

part 4|25 pages

Looking to the future

chapter 10|13 pages

Future scenarios

Looking to think ‘outside in’

chapter 11|10 pages

Leading teaching and learning

What does the future hold?