First published in 1935, this book provides a valuable contribution to the history of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. Written as a recollection of the experiences and knowledge of Sir Arthur Newsholme, the book covers a period in which phenomenal progress was made.

part I|56 pages

Medical and Social Teachers and Teaching

chapter I|11 pages

Personal and Familial

chapter III|5 pages

My Medical Teachers: Bristowe and Murchison

chapter IV|9 pages

Other Medical Teachers and Teaching

chapter V|6 pages

Two Eastern Medical Students

chapter VI|4 pages

The Early Days of Listerism

chapter VII|5 pages

Hospitals and Listerism

chapter VIII|7 pages

Florence Nightingale

part II|55 pages

Pioneers in State Medicine

chapter IX|8 pages

John Simon

chapter X|7 pages

Edwin Chadwick

chapter XI|9 pages

Other Builders of Public Health

chapter XII|4 pages

William Farr

chapter XIII|5 pages

Benjamin Ward Richardson

chapter XIV|5 pages

Max Von Pettenkofer (1818-1901)

chapter XV|7 pages

"Epidemic Constitution"

chapter XVI|7 pages

Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology in 1880

part III|42 pages

Medical Practice and Public Health Work

chapter XVII|4 pages

Private Medical Practice

chapter XIX|7 pages

Educational Work in Hygiene

chapter XX|9 pages

Whole-Time Public Health Work

chapter XXI|9 pages

Housing of the People

part IV|99 pages

The Control of Infectious Diseases

chapter XXII|8 pages

The Prevention of Milk Epidemics

chapter XXIII|8 pages

The Control of Scarlet Fever

chapter XXIV|12 pages

The Control of Diphtheria

chapter XXV|18 pages

The Control of Typhoid Fever

chapter XXVI|14 pages

The Natural History of Rheumatic Fever

chapter XXVII|6 pages

Man and Animal Diseases

chapter XXVIII|7 pages

Human Tuberculosis of Bovine Origin

chapter XXIX|17 pages

The Notification of Tuberculosis

part V|49 pages

Vital Statistics as a Basis of Public Health Work. Special Studies in Vital Statistics

chapter XXXI|6 pages

Vital Statistics

chapter XXXII|10 pages

The Registration of Sickness and Its Utilisation

chapter XXXIII|6 pages

Excursions in Statistics

Life Tables

chapter XXXIV|6 pages

Excursions in Statistics

Corrected or Standardised Birth-Rates

chapter XXXV|7 pages

Excursions in Statistics

Density of Population as Influencing Health and Life

chapter XXXVI|12 pages

Excursions in Statistics

Mortality from Cancer

part VI|91 pages

The Safeguarding of Development and Growth

chapter XXXVII|26 pages

The Care of Infancy and Childhood

chapter XXXVIII|14 pages

Enemies of Child Life

Summer Diarrhœa

chapter XXXIX|9 pages

Rickets, Measles, and Whooping-Cough

Measles in War-Time

chapter XLI|19 pages

Health at School

chapter XLII|10 pages