Now thoroughly updated, this respected text provides a clear, concise, and affordable narrative and analytical history of American foreign policy from the revolutionary period to the present. This edition includes an all-new chapter on the George W. Bush presidency, 9/11, and the war in Iraq. The historiographical essays at the end of each chapter have been revised to reflect the most recent scholarship."The History of American Foreign Policy" chronicles events and policies with emphasis on the international setting and constraints within which American policy-makers had to operate; the domestic pressures on those policy-makers; and the ideologies, preferences, and personal idiosyncrasies of the leaders themselves. The new edition also provides expanded coverage of the role of cultural and intellectuual factors in setting up the problems faced by U.S. policy-makers, as well as new materials on globalization and the War on Terror.

chapter |21 pages

The Diplomacy of a New Nation


chapter |14 pages

Republican Diplomacy

The Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812

chapter |21 pages

The Diplomacy of Expansion

Florida and the Monroe Doctrine

chapter |23 pages

Territorial Expansion

Texas, Oregon, California, and the Mexican War

chapter |18 pages

Looking Abroad

Overseas Expansion in Mid-Century

chapter |19 pages

The Surge Into Asia

Empire in the Philippines and the Open Door in China

chapter |22 pages

The Surge Into Latin America

Varieties of American Empire