This work examines the complex, detailed relationship between the theory of wealth and the theory of power, both subsumed as they are under the overarching mantle of capitalist ideology, ever distorting real connections and evading critical issues. It examines various theories of class, state, and power either explicitly or implicitly avowed in the diverse social science disciplines of politics, economics, and sociology. In illuminating the subtle machinations of ideology, it boldly reveals the realist ontology of capitalism which produces illusory theory. The essays employ transcendental realism, emphasizing the primacy of ontology over epistemology as a mode of critique, necessarily going beyond traditional Marxian arguments in many cases. Although intended only as an analytical critique, the project is emancipatory of necessity, for it allows, ultimately, for an increased purchase on reality.

part |44 pages

Capitalism And Social Theory: Marxism And Pluralism

part |36 pages

Marx and Political Theory: Theories of State, Class, and Power

part |42 pages

Political Economy and Policy: The Foundations of Classicism

part |14 pages

EuroMarxism and Third-Worldism: Toward Autonomism