A critique of America's flawed Asia policy that centres on US-Japan relations but harkens back to the same disastrous views that drew America into Vietnam. The technique is a narrative flow of short vignettes woven into longer chapters; the main strands are personal reflections and interviews.

part |6 pages

Part 2, Legitimation: Local Seers Reform Political Truth—Commitment After Campaigns

chapter 2|31 pages

1 Reform of Ideology

chapter 2|46 pages

2 Reform of Religion

chapter 2|55 pages

3 Reform of Media

chapter 2|82 pages

4 Reform of the Arts

chapter 2|78 pages

5 Reforms of Entitlement Support

part |2 pages

Part 3, Sanctions: Commanders Reform Political Tradition—Coercive Incentives by State and Nonstate Communities

chapter |3 pages

Sanctions and Communities in Reforms

chapter |2 pages

Families and their Imitators

chapter |9 pages

Patronism and Leninism

chapter 3|54 pages

1 Sanctioning Agencies

chapter 3|93 pages

2 The Control of Social Groups

part |1 pages

Part 4, Steering: Statesmen Reform Political Structure—Authoritarianism, Liberalism, and Alternatives

chapter 4|58 pages

1 Leadership Selection

chapter 4|30 pages

2 Policy Selection

chapter 4|39 pages

3 Selection of Political Structure

chapter |88 pages

Conclusion: China Changes

chapter |48 pages