First published in 1966, this book was written to serve as an introductory textbook in the philosophy of education, focusing on ethics and social philosophy. It presents a distinctive point of view both about education and ethical theory and arrived at a time when education was a matter of great public concern. It looks at questions such as ‘What do we actually mean by education?’ and provides a proper ethical foundation for education in a democratic society. The book will appeal to both teachers and students of philosophy as well as education.

chapter |5 pages


part |68 pages

The Concept of ‘Education'

chapter |23 pages

Criteria of ‘Education'

chapter |17 pages

Education as Initiation

chapter |26 pages

App endix to Part One 1

The Concept of ‘Education' As Applied to Contemporary English Institutions

part |146 pages

Ethical Foundations of Education

chapter |27 pages


chapter |23 pages

Worth-while Activities

chapter |29 pages


part |86 pages

Education and Social Control

chapter |29 pages

Authority and Education

chapter |25 pages

Punishment and Discipline

chapter |30 pages

Democracy and Education