Fed up with conflicting advice? This book offers real answers to the following questions and more…

Can sleep training harm my baby?

Is screen time bad for my child?

Is breast always best?

Psychologist Dr Sarah Kuppen, expert in early child development, uses her scientific expertise to sort through the hype and give you the facts. Using the latest developmental research, she provides practical tips and solves more than 50 familiar parent questions and dilemmas. Inside you will find advice on:

• five ways to tame a tantrum

• what to do if your child isn’t talking

• the scientific facts on breast versus formula feeding

• managing sibling fights and conflict.

Little Kids, Big Dilemmas is an essential guide for science-minded parents and childcare professionals alike. Reading this book will allow you to make informed decisions on the big topics for parenting in the early years.

chapter 2|15 pages

How can I get more sleep?

chapter 4|12 pages

How much is too much screen time?

chapter 5|10 pages

My preschooler has no interest in letters or sounds

Should I be worried?

chapter 6|13 pages

My two year old isn’t talking!

chapter 7|9 pages

Why has he started lying?

chapter 8|11 pages

What can my newborn do?

chapter 9|9 pages

Is there really a bilingual advantage?

chapter 10|10 pages

How early is too early for music?

chapter 11|11 pages

Does my child have ADHD?

chapter 13|10 pages

How can I stop them fighting?