Cinematic Aided Design: An Everyday Life Approach to Architecture provides architects, planners, designer practitioners, politicians and decision makers with a new awareness of the practice of everyday life through the medium of film. This novel approach will also appeal to film scholars and film practitioners with an interest in spatial and architectural issues, as well as researchers from cultural studies in the field of everyday life.

The everyday life is one of the hardest things to uncover since by its very nature it remains overlooked and ignored. However, cinema has over the last 120 years represented, interpreted and portrayed hundreds of thousands of everyday life situations taking place in a wide range of dwellings, streets and cities. Film constitutes the most comprehensive lived in building data in existence. Cinema created a comprehensive encyclopedia of architectural spaces and building elements. It has exposed large fragments of our everyday life and everyday environment that this book is aiming to reveal and restitute.

chapter |8 pages


part 1|28 pages

An everyday life approach to architecture

chapter 1|26 pages

The Case For Everydayness

part 2|86 pages

Everydayness and Cinema

chapter 2|12 pages

Introduction to Everydayness and Cinema

chapter 4|20 pages

Georges Perec and Chantal Akerman

chapter 5|15 pages


part 3|94 pages

An Architectonic of Cinema

chapter 8|23 pages


chapter 9|22 pages


chapter 10|20 pages


chapter 11|19 pages

Joining the Dots

part 4|16 pages

Cinematic Aided Design