Combining theory, research, and applications, this popular text guides college students on how to become self-regulated learners. Students gain knowledge about human motivation and learning as they improve their study skills. The focus is on relevant information and features to help students to identify the components of academic learning that contribute to high achievement, to master and practice effective learning and study strategies, and then to complete self-regulation studies that teach a process for improving their academic behavior. A framework organized around motivation, methods of learning, time management, control of the physical and social environment, and monitoring performance makes it easy for students to recognize what they need to do to become academically more successful. Pedagogical features include Exercises, Follow-Up Activities, Student Reflections, Chapter-end Reviews, Key Points, and a Glossary.

New in the Fifth Edition

  • Discussion of the importance of sleep in learning and memory
  • Revised and updated chapter on self-regulation of emotions
  • Current research on impact of students’ use of technology including digital learning platforms and tools, social media, and online learning
  • Updated Companion Website resources for students and instructors

part 1|96 pages

Foundations of Learning and Motivation

chapter 1|25 pages

Academic Self-Regulation

chapter 2|42 pages

Understanding Motivation

chapter 3|26 pages

Understanding Learning and Memory

part 2|44 pages

Motivational Strategies

chapter 4|17 pages

Goal Setting

chapter 5|24 pages

Self-Regulation of Emotions

part 3|51 pages

Behavioral Strategies

chapter 6|25 pages

Time Management

part 4|92 pages

Learning and Study Strategies

chapter 8|28 pages

Learning from Textbooks

chapter 9|19 pages

Learning from Class

chapter 10|19 pages

Preparing for Exams

chapter 11|22 pages

Taking Exams

chapter |5 pages