The Global Beauty Industry is an interdisciplinary text that uses beauty to explore topics of gender, race, class, colorism, nation, bodies, multiculturalism, transnationalism, and intersectionality. Integrating materials from a wide range of cultural and geo-political contexts, it coalesces with initiatives to produce more internationally relevant curricula in fields such as sociology, as well as cultural, women's/gender, media, and globalization studies.

chapter |12 pages


chapter I|18 pages

Beauty as Structural Inequality

Beauty, Feminist Protests, Nationalism, Neoliberal Femininity

chapter II|21 pages

Black Is Beautiful

Anti-racist Beauty Aesthetics and Cultural Resistance

chapter III|21 pages

Globalization, Indian Beauty Nationalism, and Colorism

Class, Caste, and Gender Stratification

chapter V|3 pages

A Complex Model of Beauty