Assessment in higher education is an area of intense current interest, not least due to its central role in student learning processes. Excellence in University Assessment is a pioneering text which contributes to the theory and practice of assessment through detailed discussion and analysis of award-winning teaching across multiple disciplines. It provides inspiration and strategies for higher education practitioners to improve their understanding and practice of assessment.

The book uses an innovative model of learning-oriented assessment to analyze the practice of university teachers who have been recipients of teaching awards for excellence. It critically scrutinizes their methods in context in order to develop key insights into effective teaching, learning and assessment processes. Pivotal topics include:

  • Competing priorities in assessment and ways of tackling them;
  • The nature of quality assessment task design;
  • The student experience of assessment;
  • Promoting student engagement with feedback.


An indispensable contribution to assessment in higher education, Excellence in University Assessment is a valuable guide for university leaders, middle managers, staff developers, teachers and researchers interested in the crucial topic of assessment.

part I|43 pages

Learning and assessment

chapter |6 pages


Setting the scene

chapter 1|17 pages

Competing priorities in assessment

chapter 2|19 pages

Researching learning-oriented assessment

part II|83 pages

Designing and implementing assessment tasks

part III|57 pages

Engaging with quality criteria

chapter 7|19 pages

Promoting student engagement with quality

chapter 9|19 pages

Critical reviews in Architecture

part IV|57 pages

Reconceptualising feedback and ways forward