When Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center was first published in 1984, it was welcomed and praised by feminist thinkers who wanted a new vision. Even so, individual readers frequently found the theory "unsettling" or "provocative." Today, the blueprint for feminist movement presented in the book remains as provocative and relevant as ever. Written in hooks's characteristic direct style, Feminist Theory embodies the hope that feminists can find a common language to spread the word and create a mass, global feminist movement.

chapter |17 pages

Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory

chapter |9 pages

The Significance of Feminist Movement

chapter |16 pages

Men: Comrades in Struggle

chapter |12 pages

Changing Perspectives on Power

chapter |12 pages

Rethinking the Nature of Work

chapter |9 pages

Educating Women: A Feminist Agenda

chapter |16 pages

Feminist Movement to End Violence

chapter |15 pages

Revolutionary Parenting

chapter |11 pages

Ending Female Sexual Oppression