This is a great work by one of the pioneers of modern archaeology. The period covered is from 1700 to 700 B.C. and is mainly concerned with the author’s field work in western Britain. It deals with burial ritual – dances, processions, "houses of the dead", the objects deposited, the building of the barrow; and it shows by line drawings and photographs how scientific excavation nowadays is planned and executed.

The book gathers together an immense amount of research completed over a long span of years on burials and the ceremonial which attended them. Originally published in 1959.



chapter 1|11 pages

A Barrow in North Wales

Neolithic-Bronze Age Transition, c. 1700 B.C., and Secondaries

chapter 3|33 pages

Barrow-digging in West and South Wales

Early Bronze Age (Beaker Phase)

chapter 5|38 pages

Composite (Earth and Stone) Barrows in Glamorgan

Early and Middle Bronze Age (c. 1350–900 B.C.)

chapter 6|54 pages

Turf Barrows in South Wales

Middle and hate Bronze Age

chapter 7|4 pages