A forward looking book on sustainable design that describes problems and then, by providing a different way to conceptualise design and development, leads on to examples of regenerative solutions. Its aim is to move the discussion away from doing less, but still detracting from our ecological capital, to positively contributing and adding to this capital. This book offers a hopeful response to the often frightening changes and challenges we face; arguing that we can actively create a positive and abundant future through mindful, contributive engagement that is rooted in a living systems based worldview. Concepts and practices such as Regenerative Development, Biophilic Design, Biomimicry, Permaculture and Positive Development are explored through interviews and case studies from the built environment to try and answer questions such as: ‘How can projects focus on creating a positive ecological footprint and contribute to community?’; How can we as practitioners restore and enrich the relationships in our projects?; and ‘How does design focus hope and create a positive legacy?’

part |2 pages

Section 1: Introduction Preface

chapter 2|22 pages

– An ecological worldview

chapter 3|28 pages

– Reconnecting with nature

chapter 4|20 pages

– Working with nature

chapter 5|18 pages

– Positive Development

chapter 6|24 pages

– Regenerative design and development

chapter 7|34 pages

– Tools to support regenerative practice

chapter 8|5 pages

– The Living Building Challenge

chapter |17 pages

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chapter 10|14 pages

– On being a hummingbird

chapter |6 pages

Epilogue Epilogue Finding hope

chapter |12 pages


chapter |2 pages


chapter |1 pages

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