Panjabi: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to Panjabi grammar.

It presents a fresh, accessible and thorough description of the language, concentrating on the real patterns of use in modern Panjabi. The book moves from the script and sound through morphology and word classes to a detailed analysis of sentence structures and semantic features.

The volume is organized to promote a thorough understanding of Panjabi grammar. It offers a stimulating analysis of the complexities of the language, and provides full and clear explanations. Throughout, the emphasis is on Panjabi as used by present-day native speakers.

An extensive index and numbered paragraphs provide readers with easy access to the information they require.

Features include:

    • detailed treatment of the common grammatical structures and parts of speech
    • extensive exemplification
    • particular attention to areas of confusion and difficulty
    • Gurmukhi script and transliteration provided throughout
    • additional chapter on the Shahmuki script

Panjabi: A Comprehensive Grammar is an essential reference source for the learner and user of Panjabi. With clear and simple explanations it will remain the standard reference work for years to come for both learners and linguists alike.

A Workbook and Reader to accompany this grammar can be downloaded from https://www.routledge.com/products/9781138793866.

*Please note that, due to unforseen circumstances, the Workbook and Reader have been delayed.*

part |2 pages

Part I: General Introduction

part |2 pages

Part II: Phonetics, Phonology and Script

chapter 3|28 pages

Panjabi Sounds and Script

chapter 4|22 pages

Tone and Related Phenomena in Panjabi

part |2 pages

Part III: Grammar and Meaning

chapter 5|14 pages

Panjabi Grammar in Outline

chapter 6|20 pages

Noun and Noun Phrase

chapter 9|16 pages

Verb and Verb Phrase

chapter 10|14 pages

Auxiliary Verbs and the Copula

chapter 11|36 pages

Tense, Mood and Aspect

chapter 12|26 pages

Case-marking and Verb-agreement

chapter 13|38 pages

Serial Verb Constructions

chapter 14|16 pages

Expanding Basic Clauses or Simple Sentences

chapter 15|20 pages

Compound and Complex Sentences

chapter 17|34 pages

A Little Bit of Derivational Morphology

chapter 18|22 pages

On Shahmukhi

part |2 pages

Part IV Appendices, Glossary and Indexes