In this book, Kalyan Sanyal reviews the traditional notion of capitalism and propounds an original theory of capitalist development in the post-colonial context.

In order to substantiate his theory, concepts such as primitive accumulation, governmentality and post-colonial capitalist formation are discussed in detail. Analyzing critical questions from a third world perspective such as: Will the integration into the global capitalist network bring to the third world new economic opportunities? Will this capitalist network make the third world countries an easy prey for predatory multinational corporations? The end result is a discourse, drawing on Marx and Foucault, which envisages the post-colonial capitalist formation, albeit in an entirely different light, in the era of globalization.

chapter |43 pages


Rethinking Capitalist Development

chapter |61 pages

Ship of Fools

chapter |63 pages

Accumulation as Development

The Arising of Capital

chapter |21 pages

De-essentializing Development

Capital and Governmentality

chapter |65 pages

Difference as Hegemony

Capital and the Need Economy

chapter |9 pages


Towards a New Political Imaginary for the Post-colonial World