Violence against women is an enduring problem around the globe, yet very few books look at the full range of men’s violences against women – perpetrated in relationships, in the family, in public spaces, and in institutions. While books that look at different types of violence, such as domestic violence, ‘honour’ based violence and rape in isolation are useful for depth, it is only by looking across these different spheres that the true extent of men’s violences against women becomes clear. This book usefully covers all of the main forms of violence against women, looking at it from a research, policy, and practice perspective.

Including discussion of fifteen different types of violence against women, this book is original in offering an introduction to such a broad range of topics, and for including chapters on violences that have rarely been written about, as well as those that are more commonly discussed and those that have been sidelined in recent years. By bringing together work on violence against women committed by partners, family members, strangers, acquaintances, institutions and businesses, this book widens the lens through which we view men’s violences against women.

Violence against Women is essential reading for criminologists and sociologists who want to be up to date with cutting-edge knowledge on this topic. It is also an invaluable text for those training to enter or become qualified in the specialist domestic and sexual violence sector.

part 1|46 pages

Men's violences in relationships

chapter 1|11 pages

Fatal Violence – Partner Homicide

chapter 2|9 pages

Physical Forms of Partner Violence

chapter 3|10 pages

Sexual Violence by Partners

chapter 4|8 pages

Psychological Abuse

part 2|56 pages

Men's violences in the family

chapter 5|10 pages

Violence Against Mothers and Grandmothers

chapter 6|11 pages

Forced Marriage

chapter 7|9 pages

‘Honour’-Based Violence and Killings

chapter 8|12 pages

Female Genital Mutilation

chapter 9|10 pages

Familial Rape and Abuse

part 3|40 pages

Men's violences in public spaces

chapter 11|11 pages

Violence In Streets And Public Spaces

chapter 12|11 pages

Stranger and Acquaintance Rape

part 4|28 pages

Men's violences in institutions