Producing Women examines the ways femininity is produced through new media. Michele White considers how women are constructed, produce themselves as subjects, form vital production cultures on sites like Etsy, and deploy technological processes to reshape their identities and digital characteristics. She studies the means through which women market traditional female roles, are viewed, and produce and restructure their gendered, raced, eroticized, and sexual identities. Incorporating a range of examples across numerous forms of media—including trash the dress wedding photography, Internet how-to instructions about zombie walk brides, nail polish blogging, DIY crafting, and reborn doll production—Producing Women elucidates women’s production cultures online, and the ways that individuals can critically study and engage with these practices.

chapter |32 pages


The Technologies of Producing Women: Femininity, Queerness, and the Crafted Monster

chapter 1|32 pages

Working eBay and Etsy

Selling Stay-at-Home Mothers

chapter 2|31 pages

Touching Feeling Women

Reborn Artists, Babies, and Mothers

chapter 3|34 pages

It's about “Creation, Not Destruction”

Brides, Photographers, and Post-wedding Trash the Dress Sessions

chapter 4|27 pages

Dead White Weddings

Zombie Walk Brides, Marriages, and How-to Guides

chapter 5|33 pages

Never Cleaning Up

Cosmetic Femininity and the Remains of Glitter

chapter |21 pages


A Show of Hands: Franken Polishes, Mannequin Hands, and #ManicureMonday